2 messes depois

I’ve been putting of writing on here ever since my last few weeks in Brasil. I guess because I didn’t want to believe that my exchange was coming to and now has come to an end, and I still don’t. Leaving Brasil and my family and friends there was the hardest thing I’ve had to … More 2 messes depois

San Andrés

My fourth month here has come to an end but it was such an amazing travel filled month finished off by our holiday to one of the most beautiful places, San Andés, Colombia. We left for Colombia 5 days after I was back from the Amazon. By we I mean my host family, their close … More San Andrés


I dont even know how i can even begin to try and explain what my trip to the Amazon was but I will try. I have a feeling this is going to be very long. My trip of a lifetime started when i got off the plane in Manaus, i found another group of exchange … More Amazon

3 months in

Its been a while since ive done a post one here. Ive been in Brazil for 3 months now, time hasnt slowed down at all, only getting faster :(. The month of April has been very very good to me. My bonds with my family and friends are getting even stronger and everyday im creating … More 3 months in

2 months in

Ive now officially been in Brazil for over 2 months. Time is going way to fast. Im fully settled in school now and have such good friends that im already so close with. I just spent the weekend just gone at the farm with my closest friends here and my host family. I saw the … More 2 months in

Differences #1

Avacados: They´re tripple the size and taste  so much better. People here also eat them with sugar. School time: Starts at 7 and finishes at 12.30. Roads: People here drive so crazy, no one stops at pedestrian crossings or for anything. There is so many cars aswell, the roads are always so busy. Food: So … More Differences #1

1 month in

Ola, ive now been living in Brazil for 4 weeks. These 4 weeks feel like 4 months, im so settled in and comftorable here and have done so much already. My host family took me to Gramado for 5 days during carnaval. I love Gramado, its such a cute city with so many different things … More 1 month in

Leading up

I’ve decided to make a blog sharing my thoughts, feelings and experiences leading up to and during the 5 months I will be spending as an exchange student in Goiania, Goias, Brazil. I’ve never had a blog before and im not too sure on what to say or do on it but it got recomended … More Leading up